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Smart Family Podcast

Aug 16, 2022

On the fence about whether you should sign your kids up for sports? Prior to the pandemic, lots of families were engaged in sports but recently parents have started to rethink whether to sign kids back up for sports or not. One of the reasons parents are hesitating is the toxic culture that exists in certain sports and teams - one that is often driven by coaches who bully and one that is hitting headline news on a regular basis. We learn that trying to "motivate" kids by bullying them is actually counter-productive and harmful. In this episode we talk to author and speaker Jennifer Fraser who has lived-experience with this issue and has written extensively about this in her recent books. We talk about sports, but also bullying in general, and how we can protect our kids so that sports - and every area of their life - can be enjoyable, healthy, fun and safe. Find out more at