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Smart Family Podcast

Jul 27, 2022

Ever felt that nagging feeling you should be doing something for your kids or at home while you're at work? Or, doing something more at the office once you're at home? For the first time on our podcast, we're tackling the problem of 'mom guilt' (but for you men, we don't believe that only mothers get this feeling!). Dr Michelle Deering is a psychologist with decades of experience in helping people overcome the emotional hurdles in their lives and family relationships. She talks about the core beliefs that give rise to 'mom guilt', dispels the myth that you need to be present with your children all the time, and shines light on the often-hidden problem of mom's needs being deprioritized - by mom herself. She gives us valuable, practical advice on how to move beyond feeling guilty while building stronger bonds with your spouse and kids, and emerging with a healthier you!