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Smart Family Podcast

Feb 3, 2021

We've had a couple of conversations over the past year about shame with Dr. Craig Brannan, and here we continue digging deeper. Craig shares some specific ways that parents (usually unintentionally) create shame in their kids. He also brings to light a song featured in the movie, Tangled, that demonstrates statements that invalidate kids. It's never too late to take action to break generational cycles of parenting that cause shame. Craig shares how he has used personal failure and confession to strengthen his relationships with his adult kids. After discussing parenting, we shift the focus to the ways shame shows up in marriage, as extensions of the quality of attachments with parents. He suggests ways and approaches that help couples gain insight into each other's behaviour based on their family of origin experiences. Creating an atmosphere of acceptance and responding to your spouse's prior trauma with empathy can make such a difference in a marriage.