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Smart Family Podcast

Mar 14, 2024

For many of you the name Max Lucado is very familiar. As a well-known Christian pastor and author of over 40 books which have sold more than 145 million copies, it is quite possible that there's a Max Lucado book on your bookshelf. On the other hand, we have a diverse audience and since Max speaks mainly about the Christian faith, maybe you've never heard of him. Regardless, this episode will be so helpful and interesting, no matter what your background. Even if you are not a spiritual person yourself, for many a faith perspective can be a vital lifeline in times of distress, bringing hope and meaning in an increasingly disconnected world. Being aware of someone's spriritual identity will help you understand not just what makes them tick and what brings them hope, but also where their resources lie. Recently Max wrote a book on loneliness for children - Just In Case You Ever Feel Alone - and we took the opportunity to speak to him not just about this book but in general about why we are so lonely, why young families need support, and why mental health and a vibrant faith perspective are so linked. You will be inspired by Max's message.