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Smart Family Podcast

Jan 25, 2024

It's not uncommon to believe "I would never do...", from a posture of pride, while judging our spouse's actions. Or, "Okay. I'll lower myself to your point of view", which also finds its source in pride. Leaning into self-awareness is not an easy journey, but uncovering your blind spots is one step toward transforming your relationship. Jada Edwards, one of the teaching pastors at One Community Church in Plano, Texas shares a wealth of wisdom on marriage. She and her husband went through a rough season in their marriage, out of which Jada gleaned deep and practical insights that we discuss in this episode. "Do you think you have a PhD in your spouse? If you've been married for 5 years, you basically have a kindergarten level of that knowing." When you realize that your level of understanding of your partner is quite a bit less mature than you think, let that be motivation for you to ask more curious questions.