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Smart Family Podcast

Nov 18, 2020

If you've been married any number of years, you've probably at least started to question the naive optimism you entered your life together with. Forgiveness? We're so much in sync, yes we'll need it but we're good. We've got this! Even if you agree that you might face hard times at some point in your marriage, in the back of your mind you really don't think you'll ever have life-rocking grievances you need to forgive each other for. Fast forward several years and suddenly there's the affair, or the porn or alcohol addiction...and then, forgiveness becomes the issue. We're so grateful for Lysa TerKeurst's honestly and transparency about her personal experience walking the path of forgiveness toward her husband and others, and for the wealth of wisdom she has garnered and shares so that we, too, can find strength and healing in our close relationships.